Services for Clinicians

Multi-Dimensional Therapy: Six Resources for Healing
– Presentations –
providing an overview of the six resources for healing.
– Workshops, Seminars, and Consultation  – 
on utilizing the six resources for healing to assess strengths, deficits, and dysfunctions, to clarify options for work with patients as a basis for developing, implementing and refining a treatment plan.

Sexually Addictive Behaviors and Intimacy Disorders
– Assessment – utilizing interviews and online assessment questionaires developed by Patrick Carnes  to clarify current difficulties and past history so as to  assess the extent to which a person may have sexually addictive behavior, and, if so, the options for overcoming this problem.
– Consultation –
regarding issues in treatment of individuals, couples and families
– Collaborative treatment –
in situations in which a clinician is treating an individual and needs a referral for the spouse or the couple, or in situations in which a couple is being seen for therapy and an individual therapist is needed. To the extent that  clients are willing to give permission for communication, I prefer to work collaboratively on behalf of our shared clients.

Presentations – assessment/treatment of sexual addiction & intimacy disorders for health and mental health practitioners, clergy, and educators
– Triage for sexual addiction –
six screening questions to ask patients as part of regular physical or mental health assessments to screen for possible sex addiction, a clinically validated tool known as PATHOS.
– Diagnosis & treatment of sex addiction –
based upon the clinical definition of sex addiction by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the proposed DSMV diagnosis of Sexual Hyper-Compulsivity; overview of the problem of sexual addiction, the increase in numbers of people affected, treatment, and prognosis; health problems that may be indicators of addiction, screening questions to ask patients as part of regular examination; referral sources for assessment and treatment.

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