Dr. Joel Ziff, Ed.D., Psychologist

Dr. Joel Ziff, Ed.D., Psychologist



Integrative Psychotherapy:  Crisis propels us to seek help when we are unable to resolve issues associated with relationships, work, health concerns, childhood trauma and other difficulties. We cannot eliminate the real, unavoidable stresses and problems of life; we can change how we respond to those challenges. We develop habitual, often unconscious, ways of coping. These habits are behavioral, psycho-physical, interpersonal, emotional, attitudinal, and spiritual. Sometimes, these habits enable us to overcome problems, but, in other situations, these strategies fail. When they do, we can work to become aware of these unconscious habits and discover new options for responding more constructively.

I have more than three decades experience utilizing a multi-dimensional approach for overcoming problems that integrates work to strengthen self-care behaviors, access body wisdom,  improve skills in relationships, cultivate emotional intelligence, develop open, flexible, and creative cognitive processes, and deepen spiritual understanding and practices.  I work collaboratively with clients to clarify the various options for resolving problems and define a focus for our work.


Services to individuals, couples, and families – I provide psychotherapy as well as psycho-educational programs – including presentations, workshops, and classes – to people coping with challenges of

Sexually addictive behaviors and intimacy disorders as well as other addictions

• Chronic/catastrophic illness and pain management

• Relationship issues – couples, children, and families

• Life transitions, grief, post traumatic-stress, phobias, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, and bi-polar), and other individual issues

Services to Psychotherapists and Health Care Providers – I work in collaboration with psychotherapists and other health care providers, providing assessment services and consultation as well as adjunct psychotherapy and psycho-educational programs. I offer continuing education programs – presentations, workshops, and classes – for health and mental health care providers.

Jewish Psycho-Spirituality – I also offer presentations, workshops, and classes on Jewish psycho-spirituality, integrating  psychotherapeutic approaches with Jewish perspectives and ritual practices for self-reflection and self-improvement.